The Cabin

The Cabin is a respected drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre offering affordable, high quality addiction treatment for healing and growing. Back in 2011/12 MHc was responsible for repositioning the image of the brand, strategic alliances and implementing and maintaining marketing and PR plans/activities and materials. Highlights included creating sophisticated branding and mission statements and coming up with ideas to change the look and feel of the facility. 

Recently in December in 2016, The Cabin offered me a new tenure as Consulting Brand Director. Within this role I am devising a new treatment division for LGBTQI patients: Resort 12. The LGBTQI demographic is severely under serviced within the rehab industry, and an area I identified as a growth opportunity for The Cabin to develop. My remit involves naming, branding, marketing and communication, and the setup of new LA and London based IOP units (Intensive Outpatient Program). As something I view as important work, I am proud to bring Resort 12 to market. Other initiatives include a feature length documentary film following addicts through the inpatient programme in Thailand. The aim is to rehabilitate individuals, given no hope of recovery and considered a financial burden, to members of society able to make a positive contribution while promoting the message that addiction is an illness – a brain disease.